Bright Bright meets his first love in college. Denver is his classmate in Psych 101 – Basic Psychology. It’s Bright’s favorite elective.  He sits right in front of Bright in class while Bright sits on the last row, beside the window. While Bright’s itchy feet are more controllable in college, he still needs an escapeContinue reading “CHAPTER 5 – FALL”


Bright His life as a wanderwhore teaches him two truths. First truth. Life is cruel. People don’t really care how it manipulates and destroys a person as long as they will not be involved in it. Most people will always save themselves before others. Survival is human nature. And there’s the second truth, which BrightContinue reading “CHAPTER 4 – HOVER”

The Fifth Sabbat (Horror)

A young man in his mid-twenties sits on the floor with his back against the wooden wall. He looks like a seemingly lifeless ragdoll left by its owner to survive the test of time by his own. But he is alive. A hot breathing flesh that is very much human. He seems to be sleeping.Continue reading “The Fifth Sabbat (Horror)”