Bright Life is a never-ending crossroad. The choices are there, and one only has to choose which direction to take.  The catch is, every direction is the unknown. It has to be chosen and experienced before the consequences are revealed. Life is a tricky bastard that way. Life is sly, cunning. It moves like aContinue reading “CHAPTER 6 – CLIP”


Bright Bright meets his first love in college. Denver is his classmate in Psych 101 – Basic Psychology. It’s Bright’s favorite elective.  He sits right in front of Bright in class while Bright sits on the last row, beside the window. While Bright’s itchy feet are more controllable in college, he still needs an escapeContinue reading “CHAPTER 5 – FALL”

2gether the Movie: A Review

2gether the Movie: A Review Ratings: 5/5 Stars Directors: Noppharnach Chaiwimol, Kanittha Kwanyu, Weerachit Thongjila Main Cast: Vachirawit Chivaaree, Metawin Opas-Iamkajorn Story: Based from เพราะเรา … คู่กัน by JittiRain Disclaimer: This is an informal movie review, devoid of structure and some elements of a professional movie review. This is simply a string of comments fromContinue reading “2gether the Movie: A Review”


Bright His life as a wanderwhore teaches him two truths. First truth. Life is cruel. People don’t really care how it manipulates and destroys a person as long as they will not be involved in it. Most people will always save themselves before others. Survival is human nature. And there’s the second truth, which BrightContinue reading “CHAPTER 4 – HOVER”


Bright It’s not Bright’s habit to lie. Lie is a precursor to an unnecessary duplication of unfortunate events, and it’s one circumstance that Bright always tries to avoid. As much as possible, Bright forces himself to accept a painful truth rather than live in temporary happiness caused by a lie. And right at this veryContinue reading “CHAPTER 3 – GLIDE”


Bright Bright knows that being a wanderer has both its perks and its snags.  The perks have always consisted of freedom and peace. While the snags have always consisted of being treated like a stranger. Well, you are a stranger, he thinks.  Bright watches as the guy he bumps into in front of an apartmentContinue reading “CHAPTER 2 – FLUTTER”

Author’s Notes (Important)

This story is originally a straight couple pairing. You can find that one on Inkitt with the title “As Her Feathers Fall”.  I decided to do a BL couple version because: It’s my story so I can do anything with it I have a bad case of writer’s block. I tried writing drabbles, short stories,Continue reading “Author’s Notes (Important)”