Wynn watches them from afar, a smile that is not so rare these days etched on his pretty face.

Seeing Bow, Daniel, and Mia chase each other around the park brings unexplainable happiness to his heart. A heart that was once stone cold but is now completely thawed by a fire that he still can’t grasp no matter how much he reaches for it.

The fire. His fire. Him

In the end, love is still not enough to contain Bright, but at least love has been enough for him to keep coming back.

It’s been two years and Bright still keeps visiting. Just visiting.

There are times when the other man stays for a week, sometimes even for two weeks. But most of the time, Bright just stays for a couple of days at the most.

And Wynn, he keeps asking even though he receives no answer. 

Bright—he always flees without saying goodbye, as if he has finally acquired wings that render him invisible and indiscernible.

And Win finally gets used to it. At first, he always gets angry. Angry at the other man for being selfish and insensitive. But then he also realizes that it must have been hard for Bright to keep saying goodbye as much as it is hard for him to do so.

And since then, he has been more understanding of the other man’s feelings.

Still, Wynn keeps looking forward to the days Bright will appear on his doorstep, ready to stay for a day or two, or for weeks. As long as he keeps coming back, Wynn will keep hoping. 

That one day, Bright will finally be able to clip his wings. That he can finally allow the last of the feathers to fall. That he will finally rely on his legs, legs that will finally allow the other man to travel the same path as Wynn.

Wynn closes his eyes and smiles. He is still broken, but for some reason, he feels whole. Maybe because the one who keeps breaking him is still the only one who keeps putting his pieces back together.


Wynn senses Bright’s presence even before he feels the other man sit on the patch of grass beside him.

“You don’t look surprised,” Bright says after a few moments of silence. “That I’m here again.”

Wynn simply hums before opening his eyes and turning his head to meet Bright’s gaze.

Bright chuckles. “I almost feel insulted.”

“You always come back,” Wynn says quietly, his eyes falling on the familiar backpack Bright usually carries with him. “That’s not new. I will probably be surprised if you decide to–” His voice trails off. They both know what he’s going to say next anyway.

“I need to hear you ask it.” It’s Bright’s only response.

“Again, that’s nothing new. You always tell me that.”

Bright pinches him on the sides, causing him to glare at the other man. Bright lifts a brow while Wynn continues to stare at him for a few more seconds before finally averting his gaze. 

Wynn’s eyes go back to Bow and his niece and nephew. Daniel and Mia haven’t noticed Bright yet, but Bow has. His brother keeps throwing subtle glances their way, but leaves them be. 

Bow knows about his pain, but his brother refuses to take it away from him. And it’s one thing he’s grateful about. Bow knows he needs to feel the wounds so he will know how to heal them on his own. His brother is not the type to cradle him, and perhaps, he has been helping Wynn that way.

“Fine,” Wynn finally sighs. “So will you?” he asks, trying to sound casual. “Stay?”

He doesn’t receive a verbal answer. Instead he feels the weight of Bright’s head on his lap. The man lies down on the grass and just puts his head on Wynn’s jean-clad thigh.

And Wynn allows him. Bright is probably tired from all the flying he has been doing for the past few months. Win knows even winged creatures need to rest. They cannot fly forever. 

He runs his fingers through the other man’s hair, feeling the soft silky strands glide against his fingers. 

Bright hums, his tone sounding grateful and content. 


It only takes him a couple of seconds before he finally realizes it.

And then Wynn smiles. 

He closes his eyes and just feels. He doesn’t need words. He never does.

Soon, he feels Bright reach for his hand on his hair, and holds it close to his chest.



Bright doesn’t reply, but there’s a silent question hanging between them. A question that they probably both know the answer to, yet both seem afraid to voice it out loud.

But Wynn answers it. Because he can. He can now.

“I know,” he says. He leans down and places his forehead against Bright’s.

“Welcome home, Bright,” he whispers against the other man’s lips, before finally claiming them fully in a kiss.

Bright smiles and allows himself to be embraced by the familiar feelings that used to chase him away.

It’s time. They both know it’s time.

Bright finally allows the last of his feathers to wither away with the wind.

He doesn’t need them anymore.


Chapter 6


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