Author’s Notes (Important)

This story is originally a straight couple pairing. You can find that one on Inkitt with the title “As Her Feathers Fall”

I decided to do a BL couple version because:

  • It’s my story so I can do anything with it
  • I have a bad case of writer’s block. I tried writing drabbles, short stories, movie reviews, but I couldn’t finish anything. So I thought I should probably try and edit a new version of one of my favorite works. This might help me conquer it.
  • I will use my favorite BL ship as characters. 
  • This will be edited as I write along, which means a lot of scenes/chapters will be added or deleted from the original to fit the new characters.
  • No specific dates for updates. I really have a bad case of writer’s block.

Disclaimer: The characters in the story are fictional and do not reflect any of the actions, words, behaviors, etc. of the people they are inspired from in real life. This story is also free to read and does not require sign ups or any membership of any form.

Content / Trigger Warnings: The author apologizes in advance if there are words, themes, or content that might trigger readers. However, this is a romantic story and will not contain graphic depictions of violence or anything similar.

Chapter 1


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