She knows what to say, but her heart refuses to reveal a piece of her soul that she hides behind every word she utters.

So she just writes. And the words speak for themselves.

Literally Coffeeholic with a touch of Sarcasm

A strong cup of coffee for each magnum opus.

Here lie the stories born from drinking too much caffeine, excessive daydreaming at random times of the day, and nightmares.

Coffee of the Day: Always a huge cup of black coffee without sugar or nonfat latte.

Book Nook

Book announcements, new releases, coming soon, etc.

Tales from the Coffee Table

Short stories of old and new which genres depend on the author’s moods.

House of Dolls (Anthology)

There was once a House of Dolls

Where little girls’ dreams start.

There was once a House of Dolls

Where little boys’ flesh come apart.

The Vardøger Kindle Edition
God Wrote My Love Story In Kanji Kindle Edition

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